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Dr. Gupta Resume


NAME:   GUPTA, Naveen Kumar

TITLE: Vaidya - Ayurvedacharya 
ADDRESS:  Etnastr.20, 4814 AA, Breda, Nederland   

TELEPHONE: (+31) 076 515 58 20 #  076 515 59 20

E-MAIL: ayur@ayurvedaindia.org 

Professional  Qualifications: 

1- Higher Secondary (1976) --1st position – Central Board of Secondary Education 

2- B.A.M.S. Ayurvedacharya (1983) – Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery -- 1st position –University of Delhi-- (Distinctions in ALL CLINICAL SUBJECTS: Kaya Chikitsa-Charaka Internal Medicine, Shalya tantra – Sushruta General Surgery, Shalakya-Sushruta uttar tantra ophthalmology-otorhinolaryngology, Dravyaguna- Pharmacology and Dietetics, Rasshastra-Indian Alchemy & Prasuti tantra- Gynaecology, Kaumarbhritya-Paedetrics) 

Recipient of Gold Medal University of Delhi                                                                

3 – P.G.C.R. Post Graduate Course in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Techniques --1st position- Ministry of Health, Government of India 

Recipient of Gold Medal AIIPMR-Mumbai         

Teaching strength (at various levels/Modules ) 

-Course curriculum for promotion and guiding various Ayurveda programs on Ayurveda Academics for:

-Alternative Medicine Practitioners
-Natural & complementary Medicine Therapists
-Regular Medicine Doctors
-Scientists / Researchers
-Academicians / Faculties. 

  1. Courses on origin of Ayurveda 
  2. Courses on fundamental principles of Ayurveda 
  3. Courses on rogi and roga pariksha (Examination of patient & disease diagnosis) 
  4. Workshops on Nadi pariksha (pulse diagnosis) 
  5. Courses on aetio-pathogensis leading to thesis/research work on various srotas (systemic examination) 
  6. Courses on panchkarma (bio-purification therapy) 
  7. Courses on Ayurveda diet and life style-self help module 
  8. Courses on Zone massage & Marma chikitsa 
  9. Courses on Brihad tryi & Laghu tryi 

(Ayurveda TREATISES) 

1·        Charaka Samhita

2·        Sushrut Samhita

3·        Vagbhatta Samhita

4·        Kashyap Samhita

5·        Sharangdhar Samhita

6·        Madhav Nidana 

  1. Guide / Promoter to researchers / students for thesis work on Ayurvedic themes and current trends of research papers. 

Books / Papers / Research (past and on-going) 

  1. Health and Harmony through Ayurveda
  2. Herbal remedies for Asthma
  3. Ayurveda on Oncology
  4. Mansik avsadata & Stress management-solution by Ayurveda
  5. Atatvabhinivesh (Psycho-neurosis)
  6. Working module on Srotas pariksha (Sharir & Manas)
  7. Dosha, Dhatu & Mala - Ayurvedic view point
  8. Agni & Ama (Digestion & Metabolism)
  9. English translation & commentary on Charaka Samhita - complete on all 8 sthana (contract signed with publishers Chawkhamba Orientalia) expected to complete by 2005
  10. Commentaries on Sushrut Samhita, Ashtang Hradyam, Madhav Nidana & Dravyaguna (own interest for teaching purpose) 

Present occupation & past experience:

  • At present I am working as Director & consultant Ayurveda & Panchakarma at Stichting Society for Advanced Research on Divine & Holistic Ayurveda (Stg. S.A.R.D.H.A.), Breda, Nederland
  • Consultant - Kaya chikitsa & Expert in pulse diagnosis
  • Ayurvedic management & recipes with patent formulations, classical compound preparations & ek-aushadh chikitsa (single herb therapy).
  • Consultant - Development & Management for International Ayurveda Spa & welllness centers.

  • Conducting Ayurveda Courses
  • Conducting Ayurveda Courses under Guru - sishya parampara (teacher-taught traditinal lineage program) 
  • Conducting Ayurveda Seminars on specialized subjects at The Netherlands and Germany 

Teaching experience: 

  • At 4 years Ayurveda Practitioner Program with Stichting in The Netherlands.
  • At Ayurveda Praxis with Akadamie - Bremen - Germany
  • At Elke Ayurveda Centrum Lippe, Bielefeld - Germany
  • At Stichting Veda Wetenschappen Ayurveda Belgie - vzw
  • At Naturamed - Istanbul –Turkey 
  • At Ayurveda Sophia - Sophia,Bulgaria
  • At Nefer-Kare - Laussane - Switzerland

Please visit for Registration on various Ayurveda Academics and practical training modules at



ayur@ayurvedaindia.org ,
Visit us at : http://www.ayurvedaindia.org